How Can You help at the Eco Centre?

There are several roles that we require volunteers help with:

  • With larger group events such as working bees, education workshops, Festivals.
  • Helping inside the centre, meeting and hosting the public and guiding around displays.
  • Being active in the office or in gardens, small numbers with less public contact options, or. 
  • Help the Trust only from off-site, e.g. from my home or workplace. 

Community Workshops

We are looking to expand the community courses available through the centre if have skills in the areas listed below we would love to hear from you:

– Learning through workshops or classes

– Teaching or leading workshops or classes

– Greeting and hosting visitors to Centre

– Gardening, growing fruit & veges

– Fund-raising and financ- Sustainability skills at home and   garden

– Sustainability in my workplace

– Craft activity e.g. sewing, upcycling furniture

– Trades-person skills e.g landscaping, building

– Maintenance, repairs, appliances, electronics, computing, video

– Eco kids including nature & sustainability


We have a great bunch of volunteers that support the SC Eco Centre and welcome anyone interested on a regular basis or a one-off. A huge shout out to the Sustainable South Canterbury Trustees who are all volunteers as well. 


Below is a link to register a Volunteer



or email our Activator on ecocentrefriends@gmail.com